Dazzling Hammered Copper Mirrors: Antique And Mexican Style Designs

The copper mirrors are a enduring design that never seems to obtain frail. Copper is a metal with a natural patina, which means the mirror has a long-lasting, organic look. The molded copper frame makes for a sophisticated and distinctive design. This type of frame can be found in many famous historical homes around the earth.


I’ve got another flawless option for your mirror collection. Check this copper mirror out Fine Crafts Imports. Copper is such an enduring vintage design. It has a warm, glowing look, which makes it ideal for this look. This mirror has a deep patina that shows the natural copper color that is unique to each portion. It’s be keen on looking into a slice of history!

These mirrors own a space of approximately 8 inches in width and are 8-9 inches tall. They are made from Mexican and antiquity copper, which is a tough fabric and will likely outlast your mirrors, too.

How Does the Copper Looking glass Reflect?

It’s a simple, one-way mirror, but it’s quite reflective! This is solitary of the effects that originate it look cool, and this mirror will originate a great highlight portion in any room.

Imperial II Hammered Arched Copper Mirror


Ceramic wax-coated copper, such as the ones on the following choice copper mirrors, is also a enduring vintage. These mirrors own been tested with a double edge diamond blade knife to originate certain they are indeed genuine. This antique-style reflector has a swirl design made up of five lines that intersect at a jagged edge.

Mexican Style Copper Mirrors

These mirrors are both choice and traditional, both made of copper read more here. They own rounded corners and edge a simple, vintage design. These mirrors are designed with an edge around the edges of the mirror. They own been hand-hammered to create a portion of art that will forever remind the user of a portion of history.

Sunburst Mirrors

These mirrors are a stunning example of both the vintage and modern styles of copper mirrors.


Everyone loves shiny colors, so why not employ them in your own domestic? You can choose solitary of these styles or mingle and match to create a modern hold on traditional Mexican style. Locate highlight mirrors in shades of pink, teal, and turquoise. You can also locate distinct lengths to create distinct looks.

The possibilities to choose from when you fancy a modern table lamp base are endless. There are so many elegant styles of copper lampshades and both antiquity and modern models that you can locate to fit your vision.

Copper mirrors supply beauty to your home’s interior. These handcrafted mirrors originate a daring statement when hanging in your domestic. Copper mirrors can be found at many antiquity and specialty stores in your area. The copper mirror will obtain a handsome patina over time, but whether your metal mirror is starting to own rust or whether the color has faded, it is easy to repaint or employ an additional portion of copper to give it a unused look.